Keeping on the ball worldwide

If you operate internationally, you can depend on the services of LEUE & NILL. We provide support around the globe through our own foreign branches as well as by partnering Assurex GlobalĀ®, the world's largest network of independent insurance brokers. At more than 600 locations, we offer prescribed standards of service for operational cooperation. With access to more than 100 partners, we take care of your international subsidiaries and locations and coordinate your contract and claims matters worldwide.

Expertise and intercultural competence

We provide services to German customers with sites abroad as well as international customers with subsidiaries in Germany. Experts with extensive language skills, ranging from Japanese and Turkish through to Persian, are able to communicate clearly and openly. Their intercultural skills also ensure clients of any nationality know they are getting the best possible services: from advice and contract completion through to settlements in the event of a claim.


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