Trust – passed from generation to generation

We maintain open and trusting business relationships with our clients and partners and have been at their side for more than 150 years. As a family business, we are able to show a unified front when we act on your behalf.

Our beginnings go back to the year 1864 when Albert Leue acquired the "Vaterländische Feuerversicherungs-AG" agency in Dortmund. At the same time, Julius Nill was brokering his first fire insurance policy to a toy factory in Nuremberg. In 1879 he expanded his activities and established the Nill-Nürnberg general agency.
Albert Leue's son Carl remained true to the insurance industry and founded a general agency for the "Transatlantische Feuerversicherungs-AG" in Dortmund in 1881, which he operated together with his brother Albert. In Nuremberg, Julius Nill's son Wilhelm took over the "Nill-Nuremberg" and expanded it continuously.

Albert Leue
Julius Nill
Carl Leue
Wilhelm Nill
Erich Leue

Leue & Co. becomes LEUE & NILL

Achieving success together

The separate Leue and Nill businesses grew independently from each other up to the beginning of the 1950s. Erich Leue was then able to gain Stefan Nill as a partner in his company. A year later, in 1954, the company Leue & Co. was renamed LEUE & NILL. The two families had been brought together by the grandchildren of the two company founders. Commercial success continued and the company grew constantly: when celebrating the company's centenary, the number of employees had risen to 160.

Stefan Nill

Structural change

Axel and Dietrich Nill joined the family business in 1969, a turbulent time. A structural change was taking place in the Ruhr region and the two of them foresaw, earlier than most of their competitors, the consequences this change would have for companies in the then dominant sectors of coal, steel and brewing. To make their business less dependent on the developments taking place in the individual industries, the two pursued two key strategies: expanding beyond regional borders; and developing insurance products tailored to special customer needs and unavailable anywhere else. This proved to be very successful. We can now count numerous world market leaders and "hidden champions" among our clients, at whose sides we have been since their foundation. Over the following decades, good decision-making and highly motivated employees have enabled Axel and Dietrich Nill to develop their company into one of the best-performing brokers in Germany.


A new generation takes over

Joachim and Stefan Nill, as the fifth generation, joined the company in 2000. With their arrival began the continuous expansion of our international operations. One stop along this path was as the only German company to become a partner of Assurex Global. The world's largest network of independent insurance brokers is represented at more than 600 locations worldwide. Stefan Nill became the first non-American to be elected chairman of the network's board of directors and is still a member of the board today. In 2011 he received a special honour.

Since 2007, Klaus-Michael Ossenkopp has been the first non-family member in the management team, bringing expertise which he acquired in management positions at renowned insurance companies.

We have undergone constant development and growth and aim to continue along this path. Remaining true to our motto: Regionally rooted. Globally connected.

Klaus-Michael Ossenkopp
Stefan and Joachim Nill

Local roots. Global connection.